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YIXUAN is the leading saddle stitch exercise book factory

Nov 18, 2022

What does the saddle stitch exercise book mean?

  • Exercise bookbinding, known as saddle stitch, involves sewing the book's pages together at the spine. Due to how quick and simple it produces, this form of binding is frequently employed for less expensive practice books.
  • However, saddle stitch exercise book factories have certain benefits over other forms of binding. Exercise books with saddle stitch binding are the ideal method to keep your writing organized. As you go through your exercise programme, they're also useful for taking notes and monitoring your progress.
  • Saddle stitch exercise book factory is a fantastic opportunity to include your students in the production process. They can comprehend the value of quality control and the procedures involved in creating an ideal product if they can observe the items being created. 

Who is the leading factor of the saddle stitch exercise book?

In 2011, YIXUAN was founded and has since been an industry leader in manufacturing exercise notebooks with saddle stitching. You don't need to worry about the experience since we make all our products, from raw materials to completed goods, using a completely automated process. Additionally, many consumers have praised the quality of our notebooks. As the YIXUAN factory has long been a leader in the manufacturing of saddle-stitched exercise books, we provide a variety of materials to suit your needs, including PP, ivory cards, art paper, and multicoloured paper. Additionally, we can create any inner line with perforation for you. Contact us immediately to learn more about our low rates. A reputable manufacturer of notebooks, Yixuan Paper Products, specializes in exercise books. We provide free cover art for you to select from. We have a reduced MOQ and offer free samples compared to other suppliers. Products made to order are welcome. Expert quality assurance groups and rapid delivery times based on fully automated machinery. Free numerous design services and low MOQ policy.

Has YIXUAN got Any Potential advantages?

  • Professional quality assurance group.
  • Based on completely automatic machinery, quick delivery time.
  • Provider of many free designs.
  • The policy of low MOQ.

Saddle stitch exercise books are ideal for students and artists:

  • Because they may shift the pages about without worrying about them falling out of place, like they would if they were stapled at the top or bottom of the page, many artists enjoy using saddle stitch notebooks.
  • Because of this, they can design special layouts that aren't conceivable with other kinds of notebooks. Additionally, the ability to take notes in class and reorganize them as necessary makes them beneficial to students. 
  • Saddle stitch exercise books may also be used as scrapbooks by certain people, allowing them to jot down notes and add images wherever they like.
  • You can customize your notebook using the Saddle Stitch exercise book. The Saddle Stitch exercise book is a flexible, loose-leaf notebook without a binder. Without fear of shattering, you may use it in any way you choose.

Why should you pick the saddle stitch exercise book?

A saddle stitch exercise book is a good option if you want a notebook that will simplify your life. This is because they have several features that will make it simple for you to complete your task. You should select a saddle stitch exercise book for the reasons listed below:
  • Durability: 
Saddle stitch exercise books are also incredibly durable since they do not readily tear when folded or bent. They may also endure for extended periods without suffering any harm.
  • Accessibility:
Saddle stitch workout books are reasonably priced so that anyone may get them regardless of their financial situation or income level. They are perfect for everyone, regardless of their needs or tastes, because they come in various sizes and colours.
  • Portable:
A saddle stitch workout book is particularly portable because it is small and light. You won't need to bring bulky books when travelling or on vacation because you can carry them everywhere you go.
  • Eco-friendly:
Saddle stitch workout books are excellent for individuals who care about the environment. They don't add to the already significant garbage created by our society today because they are built from recycled materials. Additionally, the ink used on these notebooks is all-natural, so when you use them, no dangerous chemicals are emitted into the environment.

Why is the saddle stitch exercise book so successful?

Saddle stitch exercise book factory is popular for a variety of reasons. Below are a few of them:
  • Their layout encourages creativity because there are no limitations on the number of pages included in each segment or the number of sections that should be present in a single book. Depending on the topic matter you choose, you may create your unique notebooks.
  • They feature an open spine, so you don't have to open them up to view what's within (this is especially important if you are travelling with your notebook). This also makes them portable and simple to store.
  • Saddle stitch notebooks are less expensive than other notebooks since they don't have hard covers. Because of this, they are more reasonably priced for individuals and enterprises.
  • Saddle stitch exercise books also have the advantage of being very customizable. Each notebook may be personalized by printing your artwork on the front or back cover or adding.


A common binding technique used in bookbinding, printing, and other uses is saddle stitching exercise books. Stapling two or more pages together is a saddle stitch booklet. The booklet's center fold is where the pages are attached. This technique is particularly well-liked for publications that are frequently printed in small quantities on demand. Saddle stitching is a less expensive option for perfect binding, enabling you to print as many copies as you need right after placing your order. A reputed and reliable producer of saddle-stitched exercise books is YIXUAN. With more than 11 years of expertise, we have developed high-quality products ideal for various applications. Our goods are built to last because they are made of the best materials available.
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