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Descriptions of Glued Notebook Manufacturers in China

Oct 12, 2022

What Does It Mean By Glued Notebook?

Glued notebooks are a great option for someone who is looking for a notebook that will hold up. The pages will not fall out and the glue used is non-toxic. They do not have holes in them and they can be used over and over again. This is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to write on the pages of their notebook repeatedly as they would with a regular spiral bound notebook.

When you are looking for a glued notebook, it is important to make sure that there are no holes in it so that you can use it multiple times without damaging it too much. It should also be made from quality materials so that it does not fall apart easily. There are many different options available when it comes to purchasing this type of notebook and you should take your time when picking one out so you know exactly what you are getting before making any purchases.

Glued notebooks are great for all sorts of things whether it's taking notes at school or work or keeping track of business expenses or anything else that requires writing down information quickly and efficiently by hand rather than typing it into a computer program or typing machine which may not be available at all times.

What Are The Features Of A Good Glued Notebook?

Gluing paper is an age-old process that has been used in China since the Han Dynasty. It is still widely used today.

But not all glue notebooks are created equal. Gluing notebook paper is a process that can be done easily, but it requires skill and experience to produce a high-quality product.

There are many features of good glued notebook papers:

1) Good color saturation and brightness

2) Good brightness, whiteness and glossiness

3) High strength and toughness, good flexibility and folding endurance

4)Strong adhesion force between the cover surface and the paper surface

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying A Glued Notebook?

A glued notebook is a type of binding, and is used to bind the pages of a book together. The pages are held together by glue, or adhesive, that is applied to the spine of the book. Glued notebooks are sometimes also referred to as perfect bound or softcover books.

When you are trying to decide which type of book to buy, there are many different factors that you should consider.

Here are some things to look for when buying a glued notebook:

Price - This is the most obvious factor when choosing what type of notebook to buy. You will want to find one that fits your budget.

Binding - Look at how your chosen notebook will be bound before buying it. This will affect how durable it is and how easily it can be opened and closed without damaging its spine or pages.

Size - A big factor when buying a notebook is whether or not it will fit in your bag or briefcase easily so that you can take it wherever you go!

YIXUAN Can Offer You The Ideal Glued Notebook For You:

  1. Shanghai Yixuan Paper Products Co., Ltd. was established on December 14, 2011.
  2. Our factory covers an area of 2600 square meters, specializing in the production of riding book, single and double spiral notebook, student exercise book, notepad, glue book, sewing book.
  3. All products from raw materials to finished products are fully automated production.
The production line is fully automatic with a daily output of 150,000 exercise books. Four spiral notebook lines with a daily capacity of 40,000. All spiral notebook production lines are equipped with scribing machines, and our fast production capacity ensures your delivery time.
  1. Our Advantages
  1. Professional quality control team.
  2. Fast delivery time based on fully automatic machines.
  3. Free multi-design services.
  4. Low MOQ policy.
  1. Our Certification
Our company has FSC and BSCI, SEDEX certificates, the main markets are Europe, South America, Middle East, Australia and Africa, we are a reliable supplier of HEMA, KMART, OFFICEWORK.

How Important Is It To Choose A Professional Glued Notebook Manufacturer?

In the modern world, most students use a glued notebook to keep their notes. People who need to keep their notes in good condition and want to protect them from damage should choose a professional glued notebook manufacturer.

It is important to choose a professional glued notebook manufacturer because they can make your notebooks using high-quality materials. A good quality notebook will last you for a long time without getting damaged or losing its shape. Moreover, professionals know how to bind the cover and pages of your notebooks properly so that they do not fall apart easily or get damaged easily by sharp objects such as knives and scissors.

A professional glued notebook manufacturer also makes sure that you get exactly what you want from them. They will create your design based on your specifications and preferences so that it fits into your lifestyle perfectly. They can even add extra features such as pockets or dividers if needed so that you have enough space for storing things in your journal or planner effectively and efficiently.

In addition to this, professionals also offer customizations options which means that you can customize each of your notebooks according to the purpose you are going to use them for.

What Are The Advantages Of A Professional Glued Notebook Manufacturer?

Glue notebook is the most popular office stationery, it is also an important part of school supplies. It is a kind of product that can be used for a long time, so it is very important to choose a good glue notebook manufacturer.

1. High quality control: When you want to buy a glued notebook, you should pay attention to the quality of the products. If you choose a professional glued notebook manufacturer, they will have strict quality control standards and strictly implement FSC and BSCI,SEDEX certification process, which can ensure the quality of their products.

2. Quick response: When you need to supply a large number of glues notebooks at one time, you should choose a professional glued notebook manufacturer who has enough experience in this industry and has rich resources such as raw materials and skilled workers. They can guarantee that they will deliver your order on time and meet your requirements within the shortest time possible

3.Reasonable price: Since they are professional manufacturers who have been in this industry for many years, they know how to use their advantages to reduce production cost without affecting product quality so that they can offer competitive prices for their customers.

What Services Can Yixuan Provide To Us?

We are a professional factory, producing all kinds of notebooks you need, if you want to increase sales, welcome to contact us to explore more designs for you.
  1. Free design

We can provide the design for free to help increase your sales.
  1. Delivery fast

Our fully automatic machines will provide support for rapid delivery.
  1. A free sample

We are pleased to present our fine samples for your reference. Samples are free of charge.
  1. Low minimum quantity

We accept a low minimum order to establish our first business.

What's The Difference Between Glued Notebooks And Other Types Of Books

Glued notebooks are more popular than ever before and it's easy to see why. They are super-versatile, offering a huge range of options for your design, print and binding options. Glued notebooks are perfect for anyone who wants a customised notebook that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

The main difference between glued notebooks and other types of books is that glued binders use glue to join the pages together instead of wire or thread. This makes them much stronger than stitched books and they're also easier to make with less labour needed during production. There's also no need to worry about fraying or tearing while using your book as they'll stay in good shape for years!

Glue bound books offer lots of design flexibility too - there are thousands of different colours available (including metallics!) as well as a range of materials including cardboard and plastic covers. You can also choose from several different sizes too!


When I think of a glued notebook, I always think about the quality of the notebook. How long does it last? Is it smooth enough that it doesn't hinder my thinking? I believe that when you click on this article, your heart will be more or less these doubts. After learning that YIXUAN can provide us with professional gluing notebook customization service, I think these problems will be solved.

What's more, the glued notebooks provided by YIXUAN are of environmental protection type, which means that they are equivalent to contributing their own strength to the environmental protection cause after purchasing them. It's amazing to think that you can not only have a glued notebook where you can write, but you can also make a contribution to the environment. What do you think?

If you are not very familiar with the glued notebook, welcome to see our relevant pages, understand their cover, material, page number and so on information, to choose a glued notebook you really need is our biggest wish! Welcome to contact us in time :YIXUAN.
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