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How to hand sew a notebook?

Sep 21, 2022
Hand-sewn notebooks are not a new thing. These date back to ancient times when people used to compile and bind manuscripts by sewing them together. Hand sewing is still done for various purposes. If your notebook has a few loose stitches, it can be hand sewn to protect it from further damage. Besides that, a notebook may be sewn by hand altogether.
Before diving into an explanation of how to make a hand-sewn notebook, let us first explain to you what sewn notebooks are. 

What Is a Sewn Notebook

Sewing is a common process that is used for the binding of notebooks. There are a lot of benefits to using a stitched notebook, both for the one who makes it and the person who uses it. Hand-sewn binding thread serves as the closure for this item.
A type of binding that is both long-lasting and durable is called thread sewn binding. In this type of binding, the sheets are stitched together with thread. It is an excellent choice for those individuals who are trying to create books of high quality.
After being folded, the papers are first stitched together and then bound with thread. The finished product is a book block that has been trimmed on three sides and stitched along the spine. This completes the process. The procedure for making the product has now been completed. After that, you will need to apply glue to ensure that the thread-sewn book block is well-anchored inside the cover which is an optional step. The use of a broad variety of cover materials, including hardcovers, is possible with a thread-stitched binding.

In contrast to the several other ways of bookbinding, the sewn binding process entails securing the pages of the book using an apparatus that is analogous to a regular sewing machine. The pages that are only lightly collated are held in place by a central seam on the cover or case. After this step is completed, the book can be folded into its concluding arrangement.

How to make a hand-sewn notebook?

This guide will walk you through creating the simplest book possible, one that can be used for jotting down ideas, exchanging recipes, writing letters, etc. Producing one of these books requires no more than ten to fifteen minutes. The end results? The individual leaves of paper that makes up a quire book is bound together into a single volume.
In order to create a hand-sewn notebook, one requires paper for the cover and the pages inside the notebook. A pencil, ruler, needle, stringy thread, like that used for embroidery, scissors, and glue (optional) are some of the required instruments to hand sew a notebook.

The Thread

It's best to use a thick thread; embroidery floss works well. Think about the color of the stitching while making your choice. Among a variety of colors for the thread that is available, you can choose one that you like best or the one that matches or contracts your notebook’s cover to conceal it well.

The Basics of Putting Together a Paper Book and Cover

First, select a suitable paper. Roughly rip your paper in two along the fold. Repeat this process until you find the perfect fit. The second step is to make six holes for the thread along the spine. Place pencil marks along the crease of each sheet of paper to indicate where the holes should be cut. Stitching through them will be visible, so deciding how far apart to make them is just aesthetic. Remember that the holes on each page must be aligned, regardless of how you decide to space them.
Third, use a needle to make a hole in each mark. Take care to avoid swerving as you pass through the crease. Fourth, when you've finished the inside pages, open them up on the cover sheet. The cover paper should have larger corner markings than the pages they will cover. Use a ruler to join the dots, and then cut or tear the cover paper to size. Split in two and fold over.
Next, make holes in the cover's spine for sewing. The cover should be centered over the folded pages. Use the holes in the pages as a template to punch holes in the cover's spine.
To bind a book, unwind a length of thread that's 1 and a half times as long as the spine, then snip it. Put it through the needle and tie a double knot at the end so it won't come undone in the stitches.
Then, sew! In the center of the fold, start at one end. Stitch in and out till you reach the other end. The thread should be double-knotted inside the book. A firmly bound book is the result of guiding the knot close to the page with the needle.

Benefits of a hand-sewn notebook

Enhances Coordination

The ability to use your fingers and your head simultaneously are essential for hand sewing a notebook. This type of fine-motor control can aid in the development and practice of motor skills in young children, and it can also assist keep the brains and bodies of the elderly sharp and active for a longer period of time.

Easily Transportable

You can start right away if you have a pair of scissors, some paper, and a needle and thread. Whether you need to hand sew a notebook for your office or your child’s torn textbook, you won't need to lug out your bulky machine.

It's safer for notebooks

Stitching your notebook by hand may be preferable to the headache of trying to tame your sewing machine. You'll probably be happier with the result than you would have been with your machine.

Maintains Age-Old Methods

Hand sewing is the common and old method of bookbinding. Whether you're interested in historical costuming as a source of ideas for contemporary works or as a means of recreating the past, you'll need to practice your hand sewing skills.


You can begin stitching by investing in a machine, a stable table for it to rest on, paper supplies, threads, machine needles, and many other accessories you may need. Or, you could get out some thread, needles, and scissors and go to work! Depending on the brand you buy, repairs and upkeep for a sewing machine might add up quickly.

Contemplatively Soothing

The harmonious use of mind and body makes it easier to forget about the troubles of the outside world and simply focus on the task at hand.
Sewing can be soothing, but not if your machine is shrieking away. You can keep working quietly by hand sewing, or you can take your project outside to the patio and sew while listening to music or an audiobook.


With only little tweaks to your needle and thread, you may work with anything from thick leather to a delicate one or sticky vinyl for the cover of your notebook.


Have you ever sat down at your machine to begin a new project, only to realize that you don't have any fresh needles? Have you ever been in the middle of a project you really needed to accomplish and your machine suddenly stopped working? The likelihood of this happening decreases significantly while hand stitching. The fewer moving parts, the more stable the process. Keep your hands, arms, neck, and back from getting too tired by using ergonomically sound furniture and taking frequent pauses as you sew.

A Volant

The cover of a volant is what differentiates it from a simple stitched notebook or exercise book, which serves very similar purposes and is otherwise quite similar in appearance. The cover, which is wrapped around the pages of the notebook, hides the binding of the book block that the pages are bound into.
If you only need a notebook for occasional use, you might want to look into purchasing this sewn notebook because of how portable it is, how light it is, and how adaptable it is. The binding results in a significant reduction in the number of pages that are actually present in the book. It is a little notebook with what is known as a "false cover," which is simply a single sheet that entirely encloses the bound pages that are contained within. A volant will typically be of the A5 size, have rounded corners, and be thin; it will fit comfortably in your pocket and perform admirably as a note recorder. They can be made in a variety of colors.
Now that you are aware of how to make a hand-sewn notebook, and know the benefits, you can go ahead and place an order for a sewn notebook at Yixuan. We here at Yixuan, guarantee the quality of the stitching along with the customization of your notebook.
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