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How to make a mini notebook without using glue?

Aug 31, 2022
If you are one of those people who hate to write in notebooks that won’t sit properly on your desk, a saddle-stitched notebook is what you are looking for. Now you might be wondering how to make a mini notebook without glue or how a saddle stitch notebook is made. A book that is bound using thread or staples is referred to as a saddle stitch book. It does not require glue to bind it as it is bound by a thread that stitches the sheets together. Let’s dive into how a mini saddle stitched notebook can be made.
When you need to get notebooks made in a hurry, using the saddle stitch method of binding can make the process a lot more fun. To create an eye-catching cover page, all you need to do is print out a lovely photo that you downloaded on the Internet.

How To Make a Saddle Stitched Notebook

If you like to work with bright colors, paper crafts, and sewing you might be interested in checking out this technique for constructing your own mini notebook. The assembly of a saddle-stitched notebook can be accomplished by following the guide's step-by-step directions. It can be performed with the help of the machine by using just one straight stitch. You also have the option of choosing not to enhance anything at all.
Sometimes in saddle stitch binding, staples are used to secure the pages together. We have an approach that is both straightforward and economical for the mass production of notebooks and other thin publications.

Cost effectivity

In comparison to the Perfect Binding process, the Saddle Stitch Bookbinding method is not only more time efficient but also quite possibly more cost-effective. The process of binding a book requires only a small number of staples.

More compact

When compared to books that are Perfect Bound, the saddle-stitched notebooks are often far more compact. The folded form of the paper that was used to produce them, results in a fairly thin spine in the finished product. Because it is easier to pierce a soft book cover with a staple gun than it is to do so with a thick cardboard one, such books often include a type of paper that is on the softer side.

Instructions For Making Your Own Notebook
In my opinion, there is no easier way to bind your own notebooks than the one we are about to explain. The only things needed are a sewing machine, some old newspapers, and some paper. The amount of time necessary to produce this notebook is quite small.

The components needed to create this notebook

Every notebook can have the required number of sheets of paper, which can be obtained by folding each sheet in half. The cover requires a single piece of paper, either A5 or according to your requirement, printed with a pattern that appeals to you. Additional colorful paper for the cover, a machine that cuts cloth, such as scissors or a knife, and optionally, things used for decoration additional colorful paper for the cover (scrapbooking stickers, washi tape, printable tags). If you want to create a notebook with ruled pages, you will need lined paper.

Let’s get started

The pages on the interior of the notebook can be white, or the color of your choice. Customization is not limited to the cover of the notebook but also the sheets inside.

How To Come Up With A Notebook Structure

The standard bookbinding methods or equipment can be utilized in the process. Simply one seam and a sewing machine are required. So, to start off:

Build Your Own Stationery Case For Your Notebook

After folding you are going to put everything together. The correct process is assembling the interior sheets first, followed by attaching the cover to the outside of the package. It is up to you to decide whether the cover of your paper notebook should be embellished with a few ornaments or a small rectangle of paper in a contrasting color. You may sew them on or you can glue them on. Both methods will work.

The Most Simple And Uncomplicated Way To Attach A Cover To A Notebook

After properly aligning the cover and the pages, proceed to stitch through each sheet of paper. The machine's usual straight stitch is used when doing the sewing. A longer stitch length is utilized if there is a feature that is available on the sewing machine. Thread is typically used to bind books that are sewn together by hand utilizing a saddle stitch.
At the beginning and end of each stitch, a knot is tied in the thread, and then the thread ends are clipped.

Strike Off Extra Paper

The surplus paper is removed to achieve an appearance that is tidier and more consistent throughout. And just like that, a saddle stitched mini notebook is made.

Décor For Your Mini Notebook

If you want to make your mini notebooks even better and more distinctive, you can embellish them with any paper craft embellishments you can think of. This is something you can do if you want to make them even better and more original. The following are some potential implementations of the ideas presented:
Washi tape - These adorably cute products may be found in abundance at any bookstore.
Adorable stickers - Investing in stamps and stickers will provide you with the most return on your money because only one stamp or sticker can be used to create hundreds of beautiful cover pages.
You will rapidly realize that you cannot limit yourself to just one mini notebook, and it is possible that you may want more. But there is no need to worry about it because we can provide you with as many as you require. You can get mini notebooks made in bulk for you as well as your friends.

Summarizing the process:

The supplies required to make a mini notebook without using glue include the following: No more than ten pages or five sheets, 1 sheet of patterned or colored paper, or 1 sheet of thicker paper for the cover. A mat for cutting, a pencil, and a ruler are everything you need. Needle, awl, or hole puncher for threading can also be used. Let’s construct a book using saddle stitching as the binding method.

To get started, all of the papers are gathered into one pile. The papers are arranged in a logical order by positioning the cover in the uppermost position. It is made sure that both halves of the book are the same size by using the ruler to draw a line along the center of the notebook. After that, it is ensured that the paper is positioned correctly. Clips are used so that the paper won't move around.

After that, five points along the line are marked, keeping the distance between each point constant. In the future, stitching will be done in these particular areas. These five different areas are marked off using the Awl to penetrate each of those locations. We are going to start the stitching procedure at the central hole. The next step is to pass the thread through a needle.

Then we start stitching from the inside of the book through the hole in the middle of the page. The next step is to thread the needle by crisscrossing the needle across the opening. We then need to cut off a relatively short portion of the thread. After passing the thread through the eye of the needle, the needle is moved to the following accessible hole and draws the thread through that hole.

Benefits of a saddle-stitched notebook

The usage of saddle stitching offers exceptional value and may be utilized for manufacturing runs of any size. If you need a notebook that has more than 24 pages, we will square off the spine to prevent your booklet from bursting open and to make it easier to stack. This will also make your notebook look more professional. We will punch holes in the spine of your notebook. Your saddle-stitched book will have spreads that open flat, which will make it possible for your design to extend across two pages. The saddle-stitched book format is an excellent choice because of the short turnaround times and minimal minimum order requirements.

The presses that we use to print all of our products are capable of producing images that are precise and properly reproduced as well as colors that are brilliant and accurate. This results in gorgeous saddle stitched volumes that have a polished appearance. Books that are saddle stitched will give the impression that you are a professional organization.


In this way, an improved book that will be usable for a longer amount of time can be produced in a span of time that is quite short compared to the whole production time. We believe that a hand-stitched, personalized journal or notepad would be an appropriate gift to give to members of one's immediate family and circle of friends.
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